Considering a new telephone system? Where do you start? There’s a wide and varied selection to choose from with a myriad of different companies. We install and support multiple types of telephone systems for small to medium sized businesses across the West Midlands, Shropshire and beyond and can help you to find the right system to suit your business needs.
Integrated Office Telephone Systems

Many large companies have been linking their computer, fax, office telephone system, and mobile phones together for some time now. The benefits include giving caller information to the person who answers the telephone allowing them to be more professional and efficient. Returning calls can be done at a touch of a button on the computer. When you are busy a caller can be redirected to voicemail and these messages can be set to alert the user in many ways, including email. For busy users on the move the system can even be used to read their emails to them.

This approach provides information quickly and has helped remove mundane job tasks; however some businesses want to simplify things still further. They want to give one number for team members to be contacted on, whether they are in the office, on the move or working from home; and they want this to be easy to use and good value. Because of advances in technology all these features, and many more are now available.

Voice over IP (VoIP)

Voice over IP, or VoIP for short uses the same cables and systems that run your computers, to run your phone system. For new sites and businesses spread over multiple sites or countries, it can bring large cost savings through reduced installation costs, reduced call costs and improved flexibility.

The cost of these systems need not be any more than the equivalent conventional system and this is the reason why so many companies are now adopting them. Hosted VoIP systems are becoming increasingly more popular and are a way to drive costs down even further.

features include:

  • Easy to deploy and use via web based interface
  • Multi language voice prompts>
  • Easily scalable with no licensing fees
  • Low power consumption contributes to a ‘green office’
  • 3 way voice communication
  • Microsoft Lync & Skype integration
  • Voicemail to email delivery service
  • Intuitive call queuing, parking and routing
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